• I haven’t brought any sort of drugs such as weed, narcotics etc or any other related item.and I haven’t brought any sort of illegal guns/arms along If found any,in my custody,North Travel sphere have the authority to cancel my registration at the very moment. Also, if Police or other law enforcement agencies find any sort of illegal stuff in my possession, I myself will be responsible and North travel sphere will not be questionable on my behalf.
  • I’ll not humiliate/harass any fellow traveler throughout the whole tour. If I do so,North travel sphere can take any action to control the situation.
  • I assume full trust in team North travel sphere to take steps to control the situation if any mishap occurs throughout the tour like if vehicle run out of order.
  • Team North travel sphere will not be responsible if any change in plan required or delay is caused in reaching the destination  due to any sort of road (jam,land sliding and snowfall) issue.
  • Team North travel sphere isn’t to be held responsible for any unfavorable event of robbery, accident etc.
  • North travel sphere reserves the right to cancel the trip anytime before/during the trip. In case of cancellation,North travel sphere has to refund 100% amount (when the trip is cancelled before the departure date) or all the money except costs-without taking any profit- of the trip (when cancellation happens during the trip.
  • I’ll pay for any extra expense during the trip such as hiring of secondary transport (Jeeps,taxi,Etc) extra food items, extra hotel charges in case of getting stuck due to any general reason.
  • North travel sphere is not responsible for any unfavourable situation during trip like any loss of Luggage or life.Smoking in the transport is strictly prohibited.
  • I understand that the adventure/outdoor activities carry a potential risk of personal injury. I further undertake that neither I nor my heirs or legal representatives shall demand any compensation from North travel sphere for any reason.